Which are The Best Degree Colleges in North Bangalore 2022?


  • First off, Why a Degree?

  • Fine. The degree is important. Which one do I go for?

  • Now I know which degree to pursue. Where do I earn it from?

  1. Soundarya Institute of Management & Science(SIMS) Bangalore

  • Some of the Under-graduate courses are:

  • The Post Graduate courses offered by the college are:

  • Some interesting facts about the college

  1.  Brindavan College:

The Facilities offered by the college  are :

  • The college has different programs and activities:

  • Career Guidance and  Placements in Brindavan College

  1. Presidency College

  • Infrastructure facilities of Presidency college

  • Placement Process at Presidency College

In conclusion………?

Bangalore or Bengaluru is a populous hub for higher education. 

There are copious colleges for every kind of study which is known. With pleasant weather and friendly people around, Bangalore is set to be the Education capital of India. 

Bangalore has not only attracted students from India but also from various foreign countries. This has in turn led to international universities taking a keen interest in partnering with the provincial colleges. 

A total of more than 500+ colleges are present in Bangalore and finding the right university to support your future career may be an arduous task. 

This article will highlight the 3 Best Degree Colleges in North Bangalore for your convenience.

First off, Why a Degree?

A degree signifies that a person is qualified to do the minimum amount of work required in a particular industry.

A graduate is always preferred in jobs and as of 2022, having a degree is imperative. Getting a degree also gives a person enough knowledge to handle an assignment with confidence and have a self-confident mindset. 

Also, a degree will look really good on your resume.

Fine. The degree is important. Which one do I go for?

There are a lot of degrees from which you can choose to opt. The crux is what you like, enjoy, and want to pursue as your future career. 

Most often people choose what is currently trending against their passion. Sometimes people just go with a monetary sense and choose what's more profitable. 

They later start taking courses and move towards their passion once they are settled. For choosing a degree of your liking, you must first ask yourself these questions.

  • What is it that you really like to pursue?

  • Will you regret it or be proud of it after 5 years 

  • Is it what you need to push through your current predicament(if you have one, ex, financial troubles)?

  • What do you excel at?

  • What are the most profitable fields?

  • What Will the Coursework Be Like?

  • What Does Your Academic Advisor Have to Say About It?

  • Are you sure you want to pursue this field of study?

  • Are you really sure about this field of study?

Once you get an answer to all these questions, you will know which degree to pursue.

Now I know which degree to pursue. 

Where do I earn it from?

Choosing the best degree from college is more important than getting your name on a degree. Selecting the right degree from college has an impact on many elements of your life, from academics, social activities, career opportunities, and much more.

Given the significance of this, you should consider all of your alternatives carefully. For many students, this choice may not be obvious, especially if they were not admitted into their preferred or are under parental pressure to attend a specific institution.

Out of all the 500+ Degree colleges, The 3 best Degree colleges in North Bangalore with the most elite infrastructure, faculty, and better career opportunities are:

  1. Soundarya Institute of Management & Science(SIMS) Bangalore

Soundarya Institute of Management & Science or SIMS is a college with more than a decade of experience in the field of education.

The college started with only 92 students and now has students coming from foreign countries.

SIMS is especially proud of its campus which has a circumference of 

400752 sq ft. 

The Campus has many facilities. Some of them are:

  • Cricket Ground

  • Volleyball court

  • Yoga room

  • Giant Chess Board

  • Table tennis court

  • Running Track

  • Classrooms with AU/VU

  • Business lab 

  • IT lab

  • Computer Lab Cafeteria

  • Library and Information Center

  • The air-conditioned auditorium which can accommodate up to 300 people

This college offers a whole plethora of courses for you to pursue. Graduation and Post-Graduation are also available in this college.

Some of the Under-graduate courses are:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

  • Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

  • BBA in Aviation Management

  • Bachelor of Science( B.Sc)

  • B.Sc Forensic Science

  • Bachelor of Arts(BA) in Journalism,

  • BA in Criminology

The Post Graduate courses offered by the college are:

  • Master of Commerce(M.Com)

  • M.Com in Financial Analysis

  • Post Graduate Diploma in e-commerce

In addition, the college provides 12 value-added Certificate Courses like Remedial courses in English, General Proficiency in English, Finance, and Banking Service Crash Courses like Soft Skills, Quantitative Aptitude, etc., in order to expand and improve students' employability skills.


Some interesting facts about the college 

  •  The institution is also accredited by NAAC and recognized under UGC 2F, 12B.

  • Students' achievements prove the institution's commitment to providing superior performance quality assurance in all endeavors.

  • They have the best Faculty for their students. The teachers guide the students across all aspects of learning and also help them in the development of their careers.

  •  It has made significant contributions to research, cultural activities, sporting activities, and institutional social responsibilities.

  • The college has numerous forums, affiliations, and cells to help students develop holistically. These forums, associations, and cells allow students to explore their skills and chart a road to success. 

The forums are categorized as:

  1. Commerce forum

  2. Business administration forum

  3. Computer application forum

  4. Ladies association

  5. Alumni association

  6. Parents-Teachers association

  7. Cultural association

  1. Sports association

  2. Students counseling cell

  3. SC/ST cells

  4. Anti-ragging cell

  5. Anti-sexual harassment cell

  6. Quality assurance cell



Career opportunities aka Placements in SIMS College:



The college is always on the lookout for students who are dynamic, active individuals who are willing to take on new challenges, are attentive, have a strong academic background, are quick learners who are willing to study even at work, and, most importantly, have excellent communication skills.


SIMS' Bangalore Training & Placements department works with the industry on projects, internships, and placement activities for the college's successful student population, as well as providing ongoing development and insights on ever-changing requirements.

It focuses on understanding corporate requirements before developing our students' abilities and assisting them in obtaining accurate information about market changes, industry expectations, nature of opportunities, salary structure, industry openings, on-campus and off-campus interviews for internships, projects, and placements, career counseling, and career development preparation. 

SIMS has a robust corporate support system that is backed up by active alumni members.

If you are interested in SIMS college you can visit: https://www.simsbangalore.com/ for more info

2. Brindavan College

The Brindavan Group of Institutions in Bengaluru, India, is a notable  education institution. The College is located in  Yelahanka's environmentally favorable surroundings.

The college is a comprehensive, student-centered institution with  students enrolled in a wide range of research, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs, including several professional programs such as Business Administration & Management, Engineering, Architecture, Commerce, Aviation, Journalism, and Industry-Oriented Skills.

The college has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, which is the statutory body responsible for approving professional courses, and is affiliated with Bengaluru City University and VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University), Asia's largest university, with accreditation from NAAC (National Accreditation and Assessment Council) (University Grants Commission).

The Facilities offered by the college  are :

  • Green Campus

  • Hostels

  • Library

  • Sports and Gym

  • Institute Cafeteria

  • Transport Services

  • Bank and ATM Center

  • Health Center 

  • Innovation cell

  • Seminar Hall


The college has different programs and activities:

  • Blood Donation Camp

  • Awareness Campaign against drug abuse

  • Sensitizing staff and students on issues of gender inclusion and environmental protection.

  • Sexual Harassment, Grievances Committees

  • Swachhta Pakhwada -A Cleaning Drive

  • Visiting an old age home

  • Dental check-up program Outreach/extension activity

  • Anti-ragging Committee

  • ISR Activities Conducted by the College

  • Extension activities

 Career Guidance and  Placements in Brindavan College

Brindavan College Placement Center assists students in exploring the employment market and new career options.

It assists students in career planning through counseling, in which they acquire knowledge about themselves in terms of their interests, aptitudes, and abilities in order to more effectively choose a career.

3. Presidency College

Presidency College was founded in the year 2000. It is affiliated to Bangalore University. 13 years ago the college  started with only two courses and now the Presidency College is a famous B School, with its Management Courses thriving and producing excellent outcomes. 

This college  provides an environment where students may develop a curious mind, learn how to achieve success, understand the complexities of research, explore and deal with problems, and carve out a place for themselves.

Presidency college enables students to realize their full potential by leveraging their professional standards through academics and ethics, therefore elevating their caliber.

It imbibes a scholarly culture through study and creative undertakings in order to accelerate the phenomenon of giving back to society.

It also creates a dynamic intellectual capital by combining collaborations that strengthen expertise.

The college uses emerging technology, providing an inclusive learning environment.

The college also provides a supportive teaching-learning environment, through which students develop resilience, sensitivity, critical thinking, and a strong personality.

Infrastructure facilities of Presidency college

The institution has adequate teaching and learning facilities. Classrooms, laboratories, Library, CCTV surveillance, A/V room, Seminar hall, Board room, Auditorium, ICT Enabled Gallery styled Classrooms, Wifi enabled Campus, Sports facilities, Dorms, Infirmary Room, Research Center. Art Room and Cafeteria.

The Presidency College has different types of Clubs, Cells, and Committees.

Placement Process at Presidency College

Presidency College undertakes a comprehensive Employability Enhancement Program aimed at developing professional skills and providing value-added training and certifications in their respective domains. 

During the training, they provide Guest lectures, industrial visits, internships, and other opportunities to introduce them to practical elements of the sector.

In conclusion………?

You have a subject you want to pursue and you know the top colleges to choose from. All that is left now is to study hard, get into these colleges, and get that shiny degree.

Let's hope that this article/blog was helpful and that your search for the best degree college in North Bangalore ends here!!!!!